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Mindfulness Unleashed: Transforming Performance and Leadership with Luke Doherty

I'm delighted and excited to introduce you to Luke Doherty. Luke trained as an elite rugby player and was capped for England under-18's. He earned a degree and Postgraduate in Law before finding the practices of mindfulness and spent 7 years living and working at the London Buddhist Centre. During this time he managed Breathing Space and completed training with Breathworks and the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre before founding Mindful Peak Performance. It’s an organisation that brings mindfulness to elite athletes and business leaders, working with Premiership rugby and football players and Team GB athletes. His company also has a strong social vision to make mindfulness more accessible to disadvantaged young people through BAM - Boxing And Mindfulness - programmes. In this episode we bust a lot of myths about what mindfulness is and is not. We also chat about how he works with senior leaders to develop their own mindfulness practice which could simply involve a walk in nature, art, fly-fishing or something else entirely. Most importantly, it’s not just about sitting in silence for 10 minutes each day and trying to empty your mind. In addition to this we talk about the importance of managing transitions as a leader; be that the small daily transition or major milestones in our work and personal lives. It’s an episode you’re going to get a huge amount of value from. Book Competition – Click in the link below to win one copy of each of the following books: The Alignment Advantage by Richard Nugent Bragging Rights by Lisa Bragg The Long Distance Team by Kevin Eikenberry Mission: Leadership – Lifting The Mask by Ben Morton Positive Influence by Glenn Parker Find Out More About Mindful Peak Performance: We want to hear from you! Whether it’s a leadership question for Ben, some feedback on the show, or a guest suggestion, we’d love to hear from you. Whatever the reason for getting in touch, you can easily do it by clicking the link below that Ben will personally review. Mentioned in this episode: The FREE 10-4-10 Course Sign up today and sharpen your skills on, keeping your team motivated, effective delegation, planning and prioritization, handling Imposter Syndrome, and much more. It's my FREE online coaching course to help you become the leader that people want to follow. Click here for the 10-4-10 Coaching

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