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Navigating Difficult Conversations and Leading Culture Change with Alex Brooks-Johnson


In this episode, we are talking with Alex Brooks-Johnson, the CEO of Guild Care. 

Alex is a seasoned leader with 25 years of experience in the charity sector. From international development to education and social care, Alex has held senior roles in fundraising, marketing, and CEO positions, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his current role at Guild Care.  


Episode Highlights 

  1. Navigating Difficult Conversations. Alex shares practical strategies for approaching and navigating difficult conversations within organisations. From addressing conflicts to delivering constructive feedback, he provides insights into fostering open communication and resolving issues effectively. 
  1. Leading Culture Change. Drawing from his experience as a CEO and leader in the charity sector, Alex discusses the importance of leadership in driving organisational culture change. He explores strategies for aligning values, fostering inclusivity, and creating a positive work environment conducive to growth and innovation. 
  1. Learning from Outdoor Experience. Alex highlights the valuable leadership lessons that can be gleaned from outdoor experiences, particularly spending time in the great outdoors. He shares insights into resilience, teamwork, and adaptability, emphasising the parallels between outdoor challenges and leadership in professional settings. 
  1. Challenging the Status. Alex challenges the traditional practice of annual appraisals and explores alternative approaches to performance management. He advocates for continuous feedback, coaching, and development opportunities as more effective ways to support employee growth and engagement. 


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