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The Entrepreneurs Journey with Jeff Webster | Episode 170


In this episode, we are talking with Jeff Webster, a Forbes 30 under 30 recognised co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of ancestrally inspired lifestyle brand Hunter & Gather.

Episode Highlights

  1. Big Corporation to Start-Up to Big Corporation. Whether you are moving jobs from a huge corporation to a start-up, or vice versa there are some unique challenges to navigate as a leader. In this episode we explore these from both perspectives.
  2. Viewing Balance as a Pendulum. Jeff and I discuss a different and more effective way of looking at the age-old work-life balance struggle that will leave you feeling much more relaxed.
  3. The Entrepreneurs Journey. Learn more about Jeff’s fascinating entrepreneurial journey, how the odds were seemingly stacked against him, and how most people told him he would fail. Yet there was one character trait – that his teachers said was a flaw – that became his greatest strength.
  4. Deciding When to Keep Going and When to Quit. How do you know when to keep pushing forward with a plan in the face of adversity and when to call it a day. As a leader and business owner, that’s one of the questions I get asked the most. Listen to Jeff and I discussing this key questions.
  5. The Importance of Purpose. How do you make tough hiring decisions when you’re trying to grow a business rapidly and want to stay true to your purpose and values?

Chapter Makers

(02:48) The benefits of having a great mentor

(06:11) Culture = what people say when they go home

(07:25) Building a leader’s mindset & overcoming imposter syndrome

(12:53) Why ‘balance’ is a pendulum not a seesaw.

(14:24) Using personal values to manage work-life balance

(17:22) Escaping the cult of the average

(24:08) Knowing when to push on & when to quit.

(30:11) Should we hire for skills or alignment with the purpose

(34:48) The benefits of being really curious

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More About Jeff Webster and Hunter & Gather

Having launched Hunter & Gather in 2017 with his partner Amy, they have led the business to a team of 20 (and growing); with products across multiple categories, including mayonnaise, sauces, supplements, electrolytes and coffee.

Today Hunter & Gather are stocked in Tesco, Ocado, Selfridges, Whole Foods Market + many more; and have generated revenues of £18m since launching with forecasted revenues of £11m+ in 2024 alone.

Hunter & Gather provides customers with the tools to thrive for life, through their range of real food products that are always free from refined sugars, grains and seed oils, alongside a thriving community and education that encourages and guides them to be the best version of themselves.

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