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The Power of Strategy and Identity with Alex Brueckmann | Episode 165


In today’s conversation, we delve into the dynamic world of strategy, transformational leadership, and leaving a lasting legacy with Alex Brueckmann, an executive thought partner, strategy facilitator, speaker, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author.  


 Episode Highlights 

  1. The Human Impact of Good and Bad Strategy. Delve into the profound effects that effective and ineffective strategies have on individuals within an organisation, and how they shape organisational culture and performance. 
  1. Defining Strategy and the Risk of Assumed Understanding. Unpack the essential elements of strategy and the potential pitfalls of assuming a shared understanding among team members, highlighting the importance of clear communication and alignment. 
  1. Debunking the Myth: “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”. Challenge the commonly misattributed quote often attributed to Peter Drucker, examining the nuanced relationship between organisational culture and strategic planning. 
  1. Navigating Resistance to Strategy. Discover actionable strategies for addressing resistance and fostering buy-in when individuals within an organisation do not fully support the proposed strategic direction. 
  1. Future-Proofing Business in a Dynamic Landscape. Explore the concept of future-proofing a business and reflect on Jeff Bezos’s prediction about the potential downfall of Amazon, offering insights into staying adaptable and resilient in an ever-changing market. 


Chapter Markers

(07:00) Overcoming the fear of not having all the answers and appearing ‘weak’ as a leader.

(10:15) The human impact of good and bad strategy.

(15:00) Defining strategy and agreeing what important words mean within your team.

(18:00) Deciding what not to do and asking the opposite question (to the obvious one).

(23:30) Does ‘culture eat strategy for breakfast?’

(30:00) The risk of creating a culture and set of values that do not support the strategy.

(34:12) Deciding which ’waves to surf’

(38:30) Can you future-proof an organisation, and will Amazon ever go bankrupt?

(44:00) The best mistake Alex Brueckmann ever made.

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More About Alex Brueckmann 

With his extensive expertise in strategy and leadership, Alex has made a profound impact on businesses around the world, from established corporations to burgeoning startups.  

He is the author of “THE STRATEGY LEGACY” and “SECRETS OF NEXT LEVEL ENTREPRENEURS,” two seminal works that offer invaluable insights into thriving in business while maintaining balance in life.  

Alex’s journey, marked by his dedication to continuous learning and development, is a testament to his commitment to empowering others to achieve their full potential. 

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