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I’m joined by Lisa Bragg who has literally written the book on how to talk about success. Her book, ‘Bragging Rights: How to Talk about Your Work Using Purposeful Self-Promotion’, was released in May 2023 and I have a copy to give away as part of a free prize draw.  


Lisa is a speaker, advisor and professional mentor. She is also the founder of MediaFace, a Toronto-based content and consulting firm and before that, she was a TV reporter and anchor for 15 years.  


In this episode we talk about how the meaning of the word ‘brag’ has completely changed over the years, to become what is described as ‘something a bit icky’. We dig into why it can be so dangerous to completely turn our back on self-promotion as a leader, for us, and for our teams. And alongside that we dispel a few myths such as “my work speaks for itself” and “the cream always rises to the top”… because a few other things rise to the top… or float to the surface! 



Book Competition  Click in the link below to win one copy of each of the following books:  


The Alignment Advantage by Richard Nugent  

Bragging Rights by Lisa Bragg  

The Long Distance Team bt Kevin Eikenberry  

Mission: Leadership – Lifting The Mask by Ben Morton  

Positive Influence by Glenn Parker  


Links mentioned in this episode:  

Lisa’s website:


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