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Revolutionizing Telecoms and Leadership Insights with Tim Creswick

In this episode, we sit down with Tim Creswick, a visionary leader who is the CEO and founder of Vorboss, London’s only dedicated business fibre network and internet service provider.  


Tim’s journey is nothing short of remarkable.  


He initially launched Vorboss as a software consultancy and managed service provider in 2006. However, it was in 2019 that he recognized the limitations of London’s existing internet providers and infrastructure in the business district. This realization propelled him to transform the telecoms sector.  


Since 2020, Vorboss, now a part of the Fern Trading Group, has invested over £300 million into a full-fibre network, providing businesses with direct access to essential fibre infrastructure, accompanied by transparent pricing. The company has laid over 500km of fibre optic cable, connecting all commercial buildings in Central London, creating an unrivalled network in terms of both scale and quality.  


Episode Highlights  


  1. Defining Leadership

Tim Creswick shares his perspective on what leadership means to him, drawing from his journey as the CEO of Vorboss and a transformative figure in the telecoms industry.  


  1. Growth and Leadership Development

Explore how Tim has grown and evolved as a leader throughout his career. Discover the pivotal moments and lessons that have shaped his leadership style.  


  1. Navigating Loneliness as the Helm

Tim opens up about the challenges and emotions associated with being the ultimate leader. Learn how he copes with the unique isolation that comes with the role.  


  1. Scaling a Company: From 25 to 400 Employees

Delve into the remarkable journey of scaling Vorboss from a modest team to a workforce of over 400 employees in just two years. Tim shares the strategies and insights that fuelled this rapid growth.  


  1. Culture Building and Maintenance

Building and maintaining the right company culture is crucial. Tim discusses his approach to fostering and preserving a culture that aligns with Vorboss’s business objectives and values.  


Join us for an insightful conversation with Tim Creswick as we explore his leadership journey and the remarkable transformation of Vorboss in the telecoms sector. Whether you’re an experienced leader or aspiring to greatness, Tim’s experiences and insights will inspire and inform your own leadership path.


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