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This week we have a very different episode talking about a very different topic. When my amazing assistant suggested this week’s guest, I didn’t immediately see how her area of expertise – and passion – would fit with this show. But it was largely due to my ignorance on the topic.


The more I thought about it, and having recorded this episode, I realized there is a huge link.


So, let me introduce Sharon MacArthur.


Sharon is the owner of Miss Menopause which was formed 4 years ago in response to the lack of information about menopause in the workplace. Sharon works face to face and online around the country with organizations larger and small.


She has appeared on BBC Breakfast, ITN News and Victoria Derbyshire and is a regular on BBC Radio Newcastle taking about the subject of menopause. Sharon is on a mission to educate everyone about this life event and believes that ignorance can no longer be an excuse.


Prior to founding Miss Menopause, Sharon worked as an executive coach to senior leaders, and before that she held senior positions herself. She is very well placed to be talking to leadership teams about the menopause, how it affects productivity and the number of women in c-suite positions.


Before we get into the episode though I have an ad from one of our sponsors, estarli.


Before we get into the episode I have an ad for you from our very first sponsor – a brand that I’m incredibly excited to talk about. Partly because they’re based in my home town and partly because I love what they do and create.


Let me introduce you to estarli, an alternative transport solutions company making electric bikes.


They say their eBikes are for everywhere and in my view, they’re also for everyone.


If I’m totally honest, when electric bikes first hit the market, I was pretty skeptical and dismissive of them as an avid road biker… but that says more about my thinking at the time than the bikes.


Having spent the last week using one to commute to and from my office, I’m now a huge fan. The addition of the motor means that I can quickly and easily get to and from work without being sweaty, and a little dishevelled when I get there!


And let’s face it, the two-mile trip each way pedalling on a standard bike isn’t really going to touch the sides in terms of building fitness for my next 100mile race! 


The e20 model is light yet sturdy and foldable yet stylish, and I love it because it comes in orange, amongst other colours.


It’s got a 50km range, Shimano 7 speed gear set, 5 power modes and a removable battery for easy charging.


It also comes with 20 inch wheels, chunky tyres, disc brakes as well as being road legal and available on cycle schemes. And the best thing? It doesn’t even look like an eBike!


Our friends over at estarli are giving you a free helmet with your order when you use the discount code, ‘benmorton’ – all lower case – and we’ve included the web link in the show notes below.


But for now, let’s get back to this episode with Sharon MacArthur. As you listen to this episode, all I would say is keep an open mind, as you’ll get a lot from this episode and see why the menopause is a subject leaders should have some awareness of.



Links mentioned:

Miss Menopause:  

Estarli bikes: your FREE helmet when ordering a bike with code ‘benmorton’

Ben’s Free Leadership Mini-Course:

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