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Spring Cleaning Our Business

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In my last blog (read it here), I shared how a quarterly Spring clean of your desk and working environment can increase productivity and reduce stress. But what happens if we take this same approach to our business and Spring clean our strategies and processes? Is there such a thing as Spring cleaning our business?

One of my podcast guests’ common traits that they attribute much of their success to is carving time out to pause, step back, review, and plan.

Ultimately, it’s a Spring clean and evaluation of what has been successful in the business over the past 90 days to identify what worked, what didn’t, and what you will take into the next 90 days.

Before you get bogged down in tasks and deadlines for quarter two, ask yourself these four key questions:

Question 1: What did I set out to achieve in the last 90 days?

Question 2: How did I perform against these goals and aspirations?

Question 3: What can I learn?

Question 4: What am I going to carry forward onto my plan for the next 90 days.

Based on your answers, I recommend that you identify three ‘Main Efforts‘ for the next 90-days.

Of course, there will be many other things that will need to get done, countless distractions and numerous curve-balls coming at you, but these three Main Efforts are the tasks that I recommend you focus your time and energy on.

They will serve as your rallying points for the quarter that you’ll keep coming back to when the inevitable storm of priorities hits you.

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