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Katie brings 23 years of expertise in marketing, specializing in brand strategy, product management, customer experience, and retail activation.  


Her extensive career involves collaboration with global brands in entertainment, FMCG, media, and consumer electronics. She has held key positions, including Product Manager at Canon, Managing Director of a brand activation agency, and Head of Strategic Innovation at Samsung UK.  


Currently, as the Managing Director of The PLB Group, Katie leads the evolution of the business, ensuring a consumer-centric approach to drive brand loyalty.  


In this episode, she shares what he has learned about leadership from these huge organisations, plus the best mistake she ever made.  


Key Takeaways  


  1. Innovating and Challenging the Status Quo


Uncover insights from Katie Baker on fostering innovation and challenging conventional norms in the ever-evolving landscape of retail experiences. Learn how The PLB Group approaches creativity and differentiation in their strategies.  


  1. Navigating a New Senior Leadership Role


Gain valuable guidance on successfully stepping into a new senior leadership role. Katie shares practical tips and strategies for individuals taking on leadership responsibilities, offering a roadmap for a smooth transition.  


  1. Avoiding Pitfalls in New Senior Leadership Roles


Understand the pitfalls to avoid when entering a new senior leadership position. Katie Baker provides insights into common mistakes and challenges, empowering emerging leaders with the knowledge to navigate their roles more effectively.  


  1. Building Effective Organizational Connections


Delve into the strategies employed by Katie for building meaningful connections across all levels of an organisation. Understand the importance of strong interpersonal relationships in fostering a collaborative and dynamic work environment.  


  1. The Slippers Conundrum: Pros and Cons

Join a light-hearted conversation about the unexpected considerations in the workplace as Katie explores the pros and cons of wearing slippers at work. Discover how seemingly small choices can impact work culture and personal well-being.  


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