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Garik Tate is an AI Futurist, Serial Entrepreneur, and Product Development Coach. Garik’s expertise lies at the intersection of AI, IQ, and EQ, enabling him to help clients achieve increased impact, growth, and success. With a decade of experience in creating businesses, Garik is a renowned entrepreneur, having founded companies in Software Development, Outsourcing, and Publishing industries.  


In this episode, we delve into the current AI revolution, a timely and rapidly advancing phenomenon. Garik shares invaluable insights on what leaders need to consider regarding AI’s impact on individuals, teams, and organizations.  


We also explore why Garik believes that much of the fear surrounding AI is misplaced and how it can serve as an amplifier rather than a replacement for human work. Prepare to be fascinated as this episode ignites profound thoughts for Garik, myself, and undoubtedly for you as well.  



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The Alignment Advantage by Richard Nugent  

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The Long Distance Team bt Kevin Eikenberry  

Mission: Leadership – Lifting The Mask by Ben Morton  

Positive Influence by Glenn Parker  


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