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With episode 50 being such a milestone episode, I wanted to use this episode as an opportunity to pause, reflect and share some of the themes I’ve noticed in all of the amazing conversations I’ve had, and share some of my personal highlights from the second season… that being episodes 14 onwards.


From nutritionists, psychologists to retired military generals and many more, I have learned something from every single guest, and hope you have too. Tune in to find out more about the two underlying themes throughout this season, and what guests have shared about having diversity of thought, dealing with imposter syndrome and energy slumps, embracing wobbly moments, and the power of principles – not rules.


I want to mark it by also saying thank you, to you, for listening, and to all of the incredible guests who have joined me. I’d love to hear your personal highlights on social media with hashtag #LeadOn.



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