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Why Three Is Better Than One

This week’s episode is somewhat unique in that I’m not joined by not by one, not by two… but  three guests making this our first ever four-way conversation which has tested my skills as a host and those of Fina, my fabulous editor.


Creative agency Free The Birds has three equal managing partners – Nick Vaus, Paul Domenet and Sara Jones.


They believe that acting alone as a CEO can be quite dangerous because there is no one to sense-check your decisions. Instead, they run the agency in partnership with each member contributing their unique expertise and strengths.


Nick’s skills as a creative director leading major retail projects for Waitrose, Sara’s business acumen having worked with P&G and Coty, and Paul’s communications experience with Diageo and Toyota have enabled them to build a different type of agency that is challenging the status quo in more ways than one.


We kept the theme of this episode super-focussed and really unpicked how they lead and manage their agency with this unique structure. We looked at how they make decisions on a practical level, what they think the secret to their success has been and some of the most surprising benefits it has brought them.

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