Keynote Speaker

Ben Morton has an incredibly powerful story to tell. He shares with audiences the leadership principles learned from his career in the British Army and with global businesses.

Leadership is less about the tools and models and more about understanding what it really means to be a leader.

Leadership is about personal sacrifice and putting the needs of others ahead of your own.

A fundamental part of any leaders job is to bring out the best in those around them.

Ben delivers highly emotional speeches, packed with personal experience and points of reflection that leave his audiences with clear actions to take away and apply.

He draws from personal leadership experience gained from operating on the battlefield and in the boardroom. Coupled with this he has over 10 years’ experience of coaching and mentoring senior leaders and studying how people actually learn.

“Ben delivered a keynote speech for us that really gripped our audience and struck a chord with them - despite being from a diverse range of businesses. He hit on vital themes, and had everyone engaged. We had 100% positive feedback with many saying Ben's talk was a real highlight of the day and a session they loved.“

Ed Lawson, Director & Founder - Intent Group

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The Mission – Leadership Keynote

In this bold keynote Ben highlights the uncomfortable truth that leaders must face into to unlock their full leadership potential. We all harbour certain villainous leadership characteristics alongside the tendency to slip into one of several victim modes. Which are you? And how do you shift from being the victim or the villain to the hero?

Lifting the Mask on Leadership

How to strip out the complexities of leadership and move away from a reliance on tools and models. Getting back to the core principles of leadership and being the best, most authentic version of ourselves as leaders.

The Three Secrets of Trust...

…that create high performing teams and will lead people to do incredible things for each other and for their leaders. In this keynote Ben will encourage you to reflect on the strength of the relationships you have with those that you lead. Do you have relationships that are strong enough to enable you to make big requests of your team, as Ben had to in Iraq in 2003?

“Ben is instantly credible and engaging. He has that rare ability to draw on real life experiences, talk about them in clear, simple language, devoid of jargon, buzzwords and platitudes, and relate them to the world of business and indeed the bigger world beyond. Well worth listening to, a leader to follow for sure.“

Rodger Armstrong, Nostros Consulting