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“Ben delivered a keynote speech for us that really gripped our audience and struck a chord with them - despite being from a diverse range of businesses. He hit on vital themes, and had everyone engaged. We had 100% positive feedback with many saying Ben's talk was a real highlight of the day and a session they loved.“

Ed Lawson, Director & Founder - Intent Group

Book Ben Morton to Speak On 'Why Connection Is The Currency of Leadership.'

What could your organisation achieve if every leader and manager could inspire and motivate people to go the extra mile?

And what if they had the skills and motivation to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and appreciated?

In my new keynote speech, I'll help you and your team unlock the true currency of leadership: human connection.

I'll take you back 20 years to a defining moment in my life.

It's the 17th March 2003. I'm a young Troop Commander in the British Army, leading 35 soldiers into Southern Iraq. The media is ablaze with reports of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. The stakes are high, and lives are on the line.

Amid that uncertainty, I have to ask two soldiers to potentially sacrifice their lives in the most harrowing way imaginable.

I've spent 20 years analyzing what drove them to act without hesitation.
It wasn't just military training; it was something deeper—a sense of connection and trust.

I will also reveal the secrets behind building and maintaining strong relationships that inspire unwavering commitment.

I draw on my rich and diverse experiences, spanning from the battlefield to the boardroom.
And in doing so, I will share some powerful relationship-building tools that will inspire and enable your leaders to generate a similar level of commitment.

Let's face it: as leaders, we often find ourselves caught in the whirlwind of urgent tasks.

But everything of actual value comes under the heading of 'important but not urgent,' or the top-right quadrant of The Eisenhower Matrix.

Relationship building is one of the critical yet often neglected activities in this quadrant. We need to pay more attention to this crucial aspect of leadership to avoid moving further into crisis mode, where asking for support becomes a daunting task.

If you want to create a world where inspired individuals give their best at work and return home knowing they are valued for who they are, then book me to speak at your next event.

Contact my team via, and let's start building a relationship!

“Ben is instantly credible and engaging. He has that rare ability to draw on real life experiences, talk about them in clear, simple language, devoid of jargon, buzzwords and platitudes, and relate them to the world of business and indeed the bigger world beyond. Well worth listening to, a leader to follow for sure.“

Rodger Armstrong, Nostros Consulting