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Medley Episode: How do you build and lead high performing teams?

Welcome to a very different episode of the podcast… this is what I’m currently calling a Medley Episode.


It’s made up of 4 answers from 4 different leaders who have previously appeared on the show, all answering the same question. In this episode, they are answering the question…


How do you build and lead high performing teams?


We’ll aim to release one of these Medley episodes every 4 or 5 episodes. This being a new format, you’re thoughts and feedback are more welcome than ever so please do share your thoughts either on social media or send them to me directly on


In today’s episode we will find out from:

  • General Sir James Rupert Everard, Former Senior British Army Officer
  • Ivory Matthews, MD of Columbia and Cayce Housing in the US
  • Jane Finnette
  • Lesley McGreggor, MD of the Health & Care division of the Eric Wright Group
  • Shona Flemming, CEO of both ScotsCare and Borderline


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