Medley Episode: How To Keep Your Team Motivated

Welcome to the second medley episode, where today we find out from five different leaders about their experiences and top tips around keeping their teams motivated.


You’ll notice I said keeping their teams motivated, because I don’t believe it’s our job to motivate people. It is, however, our job to ensure that our people don’t become demotivated.


After all, nobody joins a new organisation in a demotivated state. Similarly, when somebody receives a promotion, they tend to be highly motivated and engaged.


If this is the case, for people to be demotivated, something must have happened along the way. That something, can sometimes, be us. We probably don’t do it intentionally, but we can easily do things, create policies, or neglect to do things that cause those we have the privilege and responsibility to lead to become demotivated. 


In today’s episode we will find out from:

  • Brendan Pavey, Executive Head Teacher at Northbridge House Schools
  • Pauline Patterson, Founder and CEO at DrPawPaw
  • Melanie Chevalier, Founder of Creative Culture
  • Scott Schute, Head of Mindfulness and Compassion at LinkedIn (formally Vice president of Global Customer Operations) 
  • Jay Steinfeld,CEO of




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