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Presentation Skills with Andrea Pacini

Today we are joined by Andrea Pacini who is a presentation coach and Head of Ideas on Stage UK.


He specialises in working with business owners, leaders and their teams who want to become more confident presenters. Since 2010, Ideas on Stage has worked with thousands of clients around the world, including companies like Microsoft, Lacoste, The World Bank and over 500 TEDx speakers.


Andrea is on a mission to stop great ideas from failing just because of the way they are presented. His vision is to help hundreds of thousands of business leaders share their message so they can grow their business, increase their influence and make a positive impact in the world.


As you would expect – considering what he does – Andrea was an incredibly engaging guest.


We spoke about how to deliver great presentations, some of the most common pitfalls, how hybrid working has changed things and interestingly, all of what has changed as a result of the new technologies we now use.


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