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Leading Through Change and Uncertainty – A Medley of Insights

We’ve all heard the clichés and metaphors about change, but what does it truly mean to lead effectively in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world? We’ll explore insights from five highly successful leaders with diverse backgrounds and conclude with some thoughts on building resilience in uncertain times.  



Episode Highlights  


  1. General James Everard

First up is General James Everard, who shares his valuable advice on leading in a VUCA world. General Everard’s insights provide a foundation for navigating the complexities of the modern leadership landscape.  


  1. Sarah Walker-Smith, CEO of Ampa

Sarah Walker-Smith, CEO of Ampa, offers her perspective on leading through change and shares her experiences in adapting to an evolving business environment. This segment comes from a recent episode. 


  1. Annabel Berry, Founder of The Lamplight

Annabel Berry, founder of The Lamplight and former CEO of Sapphire, provides tips on leading through uncertainty and change. Her wisdom offers guidance for leaders seeking to thrive amid uncertainty.   


  1. Philippa McNamara, Managing Director at Kinn

Philippa McNamara, who was the Managing Director at Kinn, part of the Wilko Group, shares her experiences in leading during uncertain times. Her insights shed light on effective strategies for managing change. 


  1. Stephanie Sirr MBE, Chief Executive of Nottingham Playhouse

Stephanie Sirr MBE is an accomplished leader with a diverse career spanning from acting and stage management to her current role as Chief Executive of Nottingham Playhouse. She offers unique insights into the challenges and opportunities of leadership in today’s ever-changing world.  


  1. Ben Morton’s Reflection on Resilience

Ben Morton wraps up the episode with his thoughts on resilience in leadership. He challenges the notion that leadership is a lonely, constant struggle and instead encourages leaders to embrace resilience as a dynamic equilibrium. Learn how to manage your energy efficiently and lead with greater clarity and effectiveness.  


In a world defined by change and uncertainty, this medley episode provides a wealth of insights and practical advice from seasoned leaders. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or an emerging leader, you’ll find valuable takeaways to help you navigate the challenges of leadership in a VUCA world.  


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